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Must-Have Valentine Gifts For Dog Moms

The season of love is here again! You’re probably on the lookout for gifts that will show the dog mom in your life just how much you care. Flowers are great, but they don’t last very long. And chocolates are always acceptable, but they just don’t seem like a stand-alone gift. Show her how well you really know her with gifts that reflect what they love the most. Dogs!

You can find must-have Valentine gifts for dog moms right here in our Dog Friendly Living shop! If you're shopping for a partner, a good friend, or even yourself, we have so many fun items dog moms will love. Dog Friendly Living is all about seamlessly weaving your dog into your lifestyle without sacrificing style along the way, so we guarantee that you will find something adorable, modern, and fun to wrap up as a Valentine’s Day gift this year!

We’ve rounded-up a few things to help inspire you while you shop for your favorite dog mom. After you’ve scoped out the shop, make sure you click on our Services tab so you can see all the ways we can help dog moms (and dads!) on their journey to dog friendly living!

Valentine Gifts Dog Moms Will Love

If there’s one thing every dog mom has to have, it’s a go to t-shirt that they use whenever they take their pampered pooch for a walk. It’s the shirt they pop on for dog bath time or agility classes. She’ll think of you every time she throws on this shirt to go for a hike. The Because Fur Kids t-shirt is made of a soft cotton blend and is a relaxed fit to make activities with her dog easy and comfortable. She can layer it up for winter under a cute sweater, and wear it through spring and summer with cute shorts or even tucked into a skirt.

If you’ve still got that winter chill in the air, remember that everyone loves a snuggly sweatshirt. Give her an extra layer with the Doods sweatshirt. Fleecy and warm, you can even size up for an oversized, relaxed look. Featuring an adorable Doodle graphic, dog moms will love making this crew neck a part of their everyday casual wardrobe.

If your date is all about sporting the latest trends, gift her the Life’s Golden Crop Sweatshirt. This cute crop top is lined in warm fleece and has a raw hem for a fun and totally Instagram-worthy look. Whether she’s a fan of high waisted jeans or she’s going for low waisted these days, she’ll love stepping out with her pup in this cute top!

Dog Friendly Living Smooch Booth Bandana For Dogs Valentine's Day Bandana

Dog moms love it when their dogs are acknowledged as holding a special place in their lives. That’s why your gift to your Valentine is not complete without a bandana for her dog. The Smooch Booth bandana will make her pup look even cuter! Pro-tip: Be sure to snag a smooch from her dog to show her just how much you really love her four-legged pal.

And of course, who would you dog mom be without a matching Smooch Booth tee! Your gal can dress up just like her dog. And the best part? You'll get smooches from both her dog and her!

Dog Friendly Living Dog Mom T Shirt Smooch Booth Valentine's Day Tee

If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite coffee buddy, or if you know your partner can’t function without a certain caffeine level, get them the Mug With Color Inside! The cute design will get the first smile of the day, and she’ll love that you combined her favorite things… dogs and coffee. Present the mug in a cute basket with some muffins and her favorite brand of coffee to make this gift a real winner.

But truthfully… the best gift of all is a well trained, happy dog! Treat your Valentine to training sessions from Dog Friendly Living! If she’s a brand new dog mom, she’s making some major adjustments in her life. Trust us; gifting her our Puppy Prep Course will be a swoon worthy gift that she’ll remember forever. It will give her the tools she needs to understand the stages of development her puppy is going through. She’ll have the opportunity to work with her pup to help them become a well-rounded, happy dog.

Dog Friendly Living Virtual Dog Training

We also offer private virtual training and private in-person training. We focus on science-backed positive reinforcement and understanding how your dog is trying to communicate their needs. We’ll teach you how to train your dog effectively and in turn, strengthen your bond. Book a training session and give your Valentine and yourself the gift of dog friendly living!

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