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Hi! Hola! Nice to meet you!

Parenting a furbaby can be overwhelming–believe us, we know! Here at Dog Friendly Living, we believe in cultivating a lifestyle that allows pet parents and their beloved pups to live their best lives–together. Our customized approach gives pet parents the tools to train their furbaby in a way that works best for their lifestyle and personality. The result? A life-long bond based on love and effective communication!

We all have limited hours in our day, so our program was thoughtfully designed to help you sidestep wasted time and avoid common mistakes and setbacks that can result from trying to tackle this all on your own.

So whether you’re determined to get ahead of the game or you’re struggling to balance your new lifestyle, our private training program has everything you need to master your new role as a pet parent–and have fun while doing so!

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Before founding Dog Friendly Living in 2017, Jacky—a Queens, New York native–spent 10 years as an interior designer after graduating from the New York School of Interior Design. It wasn’t until the arrival of her second Labradoodle, Annie, that Jacky felt compelled to follow her heart and build a career out of bettering dogs’ lives. After spending some time volunteering at a local animal hospital, she discovered her passion for supporting both dog owners and their pups. With this passion in mind, Dog Friendly Living was born. Today, Jacky uses her completely customized and lifestyle-focused approach to support and guide her clients through the journey that is puppy parenthood. Her unique program is thoughtfully designed with each pup and parent in mind, and is aimed at producing effective and natural results. Thanks to Jacky’s dedication, expertise (and not to mention her naturally gifted dog whisperer skills), Dog Friendly Living is now a flourishing community of educated dog parents dedicated to their beloved, happy pups! 

Meet The Doods

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Annie - (Banani)

Born: June 06, 2016

Breed: 1st gen Labradoodle

Color: White/Cream

Eye Color: Hazel

Annie is my crazy baby who packs a ton of personality and spunk. She’s a very good girl despite being a bit of a rebel, and her human-like eyes can stare into your soul with just one look. Get to know Annie below!

  • Fun-loving, energetic, athletic, silly, curious

  • Attention-demanding (and occasionally spoiled + bratty–but aren’t we all?!)

  • Lover of water, belly rubs, and stealing other pups’ parents’ attention 😏

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Laika - (Gordita)

Born:  May 07, 2011

Breed: 2nd gen Labradoodle


Eye Color: Brown

Laika is my chunky monkey – Mommy’s good girl and sweet as can be, but definitely a bit of a diva. Best described as an angel with a bit of an attitude 😇 . Get to know Laika below!

  • Lady-like, people pleaser, mom > other dogs + toys

  • Lazy, not the most athletic, a little socially awkward around other dogs

  • Lover of anything she can eat and butt scratches

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