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Dog Friendly Living’s FAVORITE Dog Toys

If you’re a pet parent and your home doesn’t have a basket full of dog toys… are you really living a dog friendly lifestyle? Don’t panic! We can help with that. We’ve added a fun new line of dog toys to our Dog Friendly Living shop. Your dog will have hours of fun with these toys, and they’re so cute you won’t mind seeing them scattered around your living room (unlike that sweat sock with a knot on the end).

Toys Your Trendy Dog Will Love

Succulents are definitely a hot trend right now. Why not let your dog in on the fun with a cactus of her own? This plush Carmen the Cactus is the perfect low-maintenance plant for your pet. It doesn’t require water, dirt, or pruning, and it doesn’t have spines. Your dog can carry it around in her mouth, take it for car rides, and even keep it in her bed! If your dog loves plush toys, then they won’t be able to get enough of this cute, cuddly cactus.

cactus plush dog toy at Dog Friendly Living

The Snake Plant Plush Toy is a perfectly safe plant for your dog to chew on! Dark green leaves stretch out of an adorable terracotta pot, but this plant won’t leave dirt scattered on your floor after your dog plays with it. The leaves have a fun crinkle, and the toy has a super fun squeaker that will keep your dog entertained. Now this is the perfect houseplant for a dog-friendly home!

This is one cute puzzle toy, especially if you’re a fan of all things botanical. The Watering Can Plush Toy isn’t just a cute toy to cuddle and chew. Your dog can get interactive by attempting to remove the plush flowers from the watering can. If your dog likes to tunnel and dig, this toy will help satisfy that urge. Dogs need mental stimulation and this toy supplies that… and looks cute while doing it.

Do you always have a cup of iced coffee in your hand? Get matchy-matchy with your dog with the To Go Pup. A real iced coffee may not be good for your dog, but this plush toy is sure to be a hit. You and your dog can sit together while you sip, and she chews, and be an adorable matching pair.

You may be a Millennial, Xennial, Gen X’er, or even a Boomer but your dog? They’re a more current, trendy generation - eek! And what’s a young pup without a mobile device!? Your dog can’t use the Smell Phone to make TikToks or start a Vlog, but they’ll definitely have fun chewing on it. They can’t choose their ringtone, but the Smell Phone does have a squeaker. The best part is the cute pictures you’ll be able to take for your Instagram (because, let’s be honest, we’re all attached to our cell phones).

Toys For Your Foodie Dog

Gourmet burgers anyone? This Plush Burger Toy looks good enough to eat. You might not enjoy it, but your dog definitely will. This burger comes with all the fixins’, and your dog will love carrying it around and chewing on it. They may not be getting the taste of a real burger, but they’ll still be satisfied.

burger dog toy plush dog toy for foodies at dog friendly living

Yes, you want fries with that! So does your dog. Especially if we’re talking about these Plush Fries. Soft fries complete with a plush red box are the perfect side dish to go with the Plush Burger. If you have two dogs they can each have one. Or make it a meal deal and get your pup one of each!

There’s just something so cute about food with a little face and this Plush Croissant is definitely no exception. Your dog will love it too. The curved shape is perfect for carrying around, and the plush is perfect for soft chewers. Your dog will enjoy this croissant… without having to worry about the carbs.

The Cupcake Plush Toy looks so good you’ll want to run to the nearest bakery to get a real one for yourself. It comes in two separate colorways. Purple and pink for the dog who enjoys pastels, and blue and white for a classic appeal. Each colorway comes topped with embroidered “sprinkles” of course! This is the perfect treat for your dog, and it isn’t packed with sugar.

This avocado is always in season, and you won’t have to worry if it’s ripe. The Avocado Plush Toy is the perfect level of ripeness for your dog to enjoy chewing on, and the pit isn’t a problem at all. This avocado can’t be spread on toast, but it’s great for your dog to cuddle with and chew to relax.

taco plush dog toy dog friendly living toys

Every day can be Taco Tuesday for your dog with this fun Taco Plush Toy. No hot sauce to worry about or lettuce to scatter around with this tasty morsel. The lettuce is firmly attached. Your dog will love carrying this taco around, and you’ll never have to worry about it going stale.

Rubber Toys For Your Dog

If there’s one thing that makes a dog happy, it’s being able to kick back with a relaxing chew toy. The Ring Chew Toy is perfect for occupying the dog with an urge to chew. This toy has a built-in squeaker to get your pup’s attention and is made of durable TPR. The shape of this toy also makes it great for a game of fetch in the backyard. Whether you and your dog are enjoying bonding time, or if your dog just needs some time alone to destress with a chew toy, the Ring Chew Toy is just what your dog needs.

rubber ring chew toy for dogs at Dog Friendly Living

If you have a gentle chewer who isn’t a fan of plush toys, we have something for them too. This Cactus Chew Toy is visually appealing for us, and a great toy for your dog. The squeaker will get their attention, and then shenanigans can ensue, with fetch, tug of war, and an advanced treasure hunt for your dog with a toy instead of a treat.

What do you think? Do you spot a new toy to add to your dog’s ever-growing collection? Let us know in the comments which one your favorite is!


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