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8 Valentines DIY Projects To Do With Your Dog

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Whether you have a date night planned with a special human someone, or your dog is your special someone and you’re rocking it solo, you can have fun with DIY projects! Decorate your house, make a special card for a dog-loving friend, or just feed the crafting bug. While you’re at it, why not get really unique and find a way to incorporate your dog into your DIY adventures?

We have 8 fun ideas for projects you can do with your dog. Your dog may not be able to hold scissors (if they can, let us know how they learned), but they can still be a fun crafting partner. Let’s dive into craft glue and glitter… and get the fun DIY ideas flowing!

Valentine’s Day DIY Projects With Your Dog

1) Paw Print Paper Art- This first one is simple but is always cute. Make cards for your dog’s grandparents, your partner, your pup’s dog sitter, or even a friend who just loves dogs. Your dog can lend a paw… by lending you a paw!

Simply wash your dog’s paw, paint it with non-toxic paint or ink, and press it to the paper. You can leave the paw print as is or even dress it up to make it look like a teddy bear.

dog paws DIY for Valentine's Day

And of course, you’ll want to make sure you have non-toxic wipes nearby to help clean off paws before your dog trots around your house.

2) Clay Paw Print Art- Who doesn’t love their dog’s sweet little feet? With this project, you’ll want to use air-dry or bakeable clay. Form it into the shape you want. You can flatten it, make it rounded, or even cut it into a heart shape. Gently press your dog’s paw into the clay. The great thing about working with clay is you can take all the time you need to get a clean print.

Once you have the perfect print, dry your clay according to the directions. If you’d like to make it a hanging decoration or ornament, make sure to poke a hole before it dries. Once your clay has dried, you can paint it, add some gems or glitter, or even decoupage around the print with Valentine’s Day themed images.

3) Paw Print Glass or Vase- For this project, you’ll need an inexpensive glass or vase. You can even use a ceramic mug if this is for a tea or coffee drinker. A dollar store is always great for glassware for craft projects. You will also need a glass paint marker.

  1. Get your dog’s paw print on paper.

  2. Cut it out so you have a stencil.

  3. Draw onto your glass with the marker and stencil.

4) Valentine’s Day Paw Print T-shirt- Save your stencil from project number 3 and use it again for this project! You will also need fabric paint, a sponge brush, and an inexpensive t-shirt. You can also use Valentine's Day themed stencils to really go wild.

dog paw crafts for valentine's day

Just place the stencils where you want, and paint the shapes using fabric paint. Paws and hearts would make an adorable Valentine’s Day t-shirt. Use a stencil instead of painting your dog’s paws since the paint may not be dog-safe.

5) Valentine’s Day Lick Art- Turn your dog into a blend of Cupid and Picasso with this fun project. Get a large zip-top plastic bag and a small canvas the right size to fit into the bag with room to close the top.

  1. Place a few drops of paint on the canvas and gently place it in the bag. To make it Valentine’s Day specific, use pinks and reds… and maybe even sprinkle a little glitter in the paint.

  2. Close the bag tightly. Strategically place some peanut butter on top of the bag, and let your dog lick away. Your dog is essentially “painting” with his tongue by pushing the paint around.

  3. Remove the canvas from the bag, allow it time to dry, and admire your dog’s genius!

6) Paw Print Bouquet- There are so many creative things you can do with paw prints. For this project, you will need several colors of non-toxic paint, thick craft paper, and some green pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks.

  1. Get as many paw prints as your dog will allow you to in different colors on the craft paper. You can also use regular paper and back it with cardboard or craft paper.

  2. Cut out the paw prints.

  3. Glue them to a pipe cleaner or popsicle stick “flower stem”.

  4. If you’re feeling really crafty, add leaves from tissue paper or construction paper.

  5. Tie your “flowers” together by the stems with ribbon. You can also place them in a mason jar or dollar store vase… or use the DIY vase idea from craft number 3!

7) Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot- Deck your dog out in Valentine’s Day style with a bandana, a cute collar, or even cupid wings. This would be a great time to match your dog with this adorable Valentine’s Day tee.

Valentine's Day dog photoshoot with dog friendly living

Now it’s time to take some fun photos of your dog! You can even get a friend to help you if you’d like to be in them and your selfie game isn’t strong. You can use these photos for cards or even frame them.

If you want to kick it up a notch, you can use one of the many apps available to turn your image into a sketch. Use your digital image to make stickers, t-shirts, or a “fine art” print for your wall.

8) Make Valentine’s Day Treats- For these, your dog will have to sit back and act as your taster. Find a treat recipe you know your dog can’t resist, you can even choose a no-bake recipe. Use Valentine’s Day themed cookie cutters or molds to shape the treats.

heart cookies dog valentine's day cookies dog friendly living

If you are using ingredients that are safe when not cooked, like peanut butter, plain yogurt, or apple sauce, let your dog know it's his job to lick the spoons.

Here’s a quick no-bake treat idea:

Mix 1 cup of yogurt, with ½ cup of peanut butter. Place in a silicon mold and freeze until it hardens. That’s it! Super simple!

What do you think? Are you inspired to do a little Vday DIY project with your pup? Let us know what you’re up to in the comments.


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