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What To Expect When Working With A Virtual Dog Trainer

The times… they are a-changin! Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to get access to classes of all kinds. That includes dog training courses!

The idea of virtual dog training might seem a little strange at first until you consider the advantages. With virtual dog training, your dog gets all the benefits of a private session at a fraction of the cost. And you can go through your training from the comfort of your own home, without the distractions of other dogs or other exciting, new things.

If you’re wondering what a virtual dog training session will look like, keep reading. We’re here to share exactly what you can expect when working with a virtual dog trainer like Dog Friendly Living.

Why You Should Give Virtual Dog Training A Chance

It’s a busy world, and it can be hard to make time for all the things you need to do. If you have a long commute, an unpredictable work schedule, or just a lot on your plate, it can be difficult to find a dog training class that seamlessly fits into your already busy schedule. Private sessions are always an option, but they can get pricey.

virtual dog training family

Virtual training can help you get around scheduling and budget limitations. You can schedule training sessions on a timeline that is convenient for you. This will make sessions less stressful for you which in turn, leads to more effective training for your dog.

Virtual training is also great for an anxious dog. No loading a reluctant dog into a car and emotionally exhausting both of you in the process. Socialization is important, but forcing it on an anxious dog can make behavioral problems worse. Virtual sessions allow you to get your dog the skills he needs to slowly begin to be socialized in a way that works for him.

If you live in an area where there are no training courses available, virtual courses are a great option. Virtual training also provides a way for you to work with dog trainers who may not provide private services in your area. Virtual training really makes it easier for you to access the quality training your dog deserves.

What To Expect With Virtual Dog Training

Over the years, most of us have gotten used to video calls and virtual meetings. If you haven’t had a lot of experience with these, you might think virtual dog training is just a pre-recorded course online. While you can find pre-recorded classes online, in general, virtual dog training is way more hands-on! Through virtual dog training, you have the ability to interact with your dog's virtual trainer from the comfort of your own home.

When you use a virtual dog trainer, you can expect the same level of attention you would receive in an in-person training session. You can use your tablet, laptop, even your smartphone, as long as you have video access. Your dog will receive personalized attention that you can’t get from a group session.

To get your dog and yourself ready for your session, make sure you’re in an area with good connectivity and visibility. You can join your session at the scheduled time anywhere that you have internet access… as long as your dog feels comfortable there and will be able to work without distractions.

Make sure your camera and microphone are working before you start your session. Nothing throws a good training session off track like technical difficulties. Make sure your screen is set in an area where your virtual dog trainer can easily see and hear you and your dog. You might want to video call a friend before your first session to help you figure out the best set-up.

Your virtual dog trainer will talk to you about what your expectations are. They’ll find out if there are any behavioral issues you need help with and help you set realistic goals for your dog. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to ask! Virtual training sessions aren’t cookie cutter. Like any private session, they’re tailored to what you and your dog need.

During your early sessions with a virtual trainer, you will be educated on how to set up a routine for your dog. You will learn all about the benefits of positive reinforcement and how to use it so that your dog succeeds. Virtual training sessions are as much about teaching you the right way to communicate with your dog as they are about teaching your dog to sit and stay.

Your virtual trainer will want to see how you work with your dog. This gives them an idea of your level of experience and ability and will help them personalize the sessions to best serve you and your pup. You will learn how to use positive reinforcement methods to set boundaries with your dog and teach them what their role is in your household.

virtual dog training with puppy

If you are planning on becoming a puppy parent, a virtual trainer can give you guidance on what to expect once your puppy comes home. They’ll let you know what to expect and the things you should have ready at home for your puppy’s health and safety. Virtual puppy training sessions help prepare you for the different stages of puppyhood and the changes you will see as your puppy grows and develops.

Work With Dog Friendly Living

At Dog Friendly Living, we know that a trained dog is a happy dog. And we also know that good training helps reinforce our amazing human-animal bond.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and try virtual dog training, you can book your session with us online! We work to customize and personalize our training program to fit your lifestyle and your pet’s personality, to ensure that your fur baby is polite and well-mannered all the time–not just when it’s training time.

Virtual training isn’t all we offer. Check out our Dog Friendly Living page on Instagram to learn more about our community and how we strive to live a dog friendly lifestyle!


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