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What To Expect At Board & Train

What do you do if your dog seems to be struggling with training? You’ve tried private sessions, and even virtual sessions, but nothing’s sticking. Sometimes when it comes to training you need a little extra help. Whether it's due to time constraints or you have a dog that has behavioral issues that need special attention. Sometimes you find that it would be helpful to have a professional trainer around 24/7. That’s why we’re introducing our new training program, Board & Train.

Board & Train is an immersive way to introduce your dog to training. They will have the constant attention of a professional trainer who will work with your dog in a dog friendly way to encourage desirable behaviors. Your pup will receive an immersive training experience that will help set them up for successful training at home.

Stick around and learn more about our programs, what to expect from Board & Train, and decide if it’s something that might benefit your dog.

What Is Board & Train For Dogs?

Board & Train is our new two week long training program. Your dog will be a houseguest with our amazing trainer Julia. She’ll work with your dog to help them master the skills that every dog needs to learn. We have two Board & Train programs, based on the type of training your pup needs.

Dog Friendly Living trainer Julia with two dogs New Jersey Board & Train

Basic Board & Train focuses on standard puppy training. Julia will work with your dog to teach them the basic skills they need to learn to make those puppy days easier. These are the skills that create a strong foundation for you and your dog to build upon their training. The training that we focus on in Basic Board & Train includes:

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • Socialization

  • Basic Obedience Commands

  • Desensitization

  • Leash Skills

We also offer Board & Train for dogs that are struggling with behavioral issues. Our Non-Basic Board & Train service is only available upon request. To be considered for Non-Basic Board & Train, you must be a current client and have participated in several training sessions with Dog Friendly Living. We need to know that you are invested in helping your dog maintain their training once they have left Board & Train. Unfortunately, if training is not continued once at home, undesirable behaviors will start to creep back in.

No matter which Board & Train program you are interested in, you will need to complete a discovery call and an in-person session. This is so we can get to know more about you and your dog, have a chance to see how you interact, and figure out where adjustments can be made. We want to set your pup up for success and give them the best training experience possible.

What To Expect From Board & Train?

Board & Train gives your dog the consistency they need to actually absorb their training. They will be on a fixed schedule at Board & Train. This is really important since dogs do their best when they have a routine. Your dog will always be in training mode and will be working with a trainer who will keep them focused.

dog training with treat board & train in new jersey

Sometimes there’s just too much going on at home for your dog to focus on your commands. At Board & Train, your dog won’t be dealing with distractions… like your other pets or kids. They’ll be able to focus on the trainer and bring that focus home to you. Once your dog has the basic behaviors down, you can reinforce them at home more easily.

While your dog is at Board & Train, undesirable behaviors won’t be accidentally encouraged. Jumping won’t be rewarded with attention; nipping won’t be reinforced with rough play. It is very important to work with the trainer to make sure you stay consistent with this once your dog is home.

Since we’re all about living a dog friendly life, we will use positive reinforcement methods to work with your dog. Clicker training and treats are just a few of the tools in our training arsenal. These are methods you can easily learn to use appropriately at home with continued training sessions.

What NOT To Expect From Board & Train

Here’s the thing. Do not expect your dog to come home perfectly trained and never needing another lesson. Board & Train isn’t a quick fix. Think of it as an obedience training intensive. You will need to continue the work Julia has started to keep your dog from backsliding. Without practice, your dog will lose all the skills she's learned, and you will end up right back at the beginning.

dog on couch training at board & train in new jersey

One of the most important components of Board & Train is your commitment to lifestyle changes. While your dog is gone, explore the ways you can help make things easier for your dog when it comes to behavior and setting boundaries. Take the notes you are given by the trainer and use them to help your dog continue to succeed.

Training your dog never ends. It’s a lifelong commitment. Training helps establish your relationship with your dog and teaches you how to relate to each other. We’ll help you do the heavy lifting and get your dog on the right path… but the real work starts once they come home.

Our Board & Train service is currently available with our trainer Julia located in New Jersey. If you’re in the New Jersey area, great! If you’re a little further out, keep in mind that your dog will essentially be away ‘at camp’. You’ll just need to make sure that drop off and pick up are something you can handle.

Dog Friendly Living Jacky Dog Trainer in New York and New Jersey

P.S. We will continue to add new service areas to our Board & Train service. Have an area you’d like us to add? Send us an email or comment below.

If you are interested in Board & Train and think your dog would be a good candidate, apply now! Since this is a training intensive, spots are limited!

Don’t forget to check out our other Dog Friendly Living Services. If you’re in the New York area, we have a training solution to suit every dog and their owner!


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