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The Real Benefits Of Having A Dog

Are you one of the unlucky few who’s never had a dog? Are you thinking about becoming a dog parent and weighing the pros and cons? Of course, you need to think practically and factor in vet bills and food. Caring for a dog can be expensive and also time consuming. Do you have the time to dedicate to its care and training?

But don’t let yourself get caught up in the numbers. If you feel like your life would be better with a dog, you’re probably right!

In most cases, the pros of having a dog far outweigh the cons. Humans and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly, and there’s even scientific evidence to back it up. If you know, you know, and if you don’t, you definitely need to learn what you’re missing!

dog with owner benefits of having a dog

Dog’s aren’t just companions. Having a dog around the house greatly benefits your quality of life. Here are the real benefits of having a dog.

The Real Benefits Of Having A Dog

  • They are great for security. Big or small, a dog is a deterrent to shady types who might try to break in. Their barking will alert you and the neighbors to any suspicious activity. Having a dog in the house will also help you feel safer if you’re the only one in the house at night.

  • Dogs are a gateway to a more active life. Your dog needs exercise, and so do you. Don’t get an active breed if you aren’t prepared for it, but a mellow dog or an older dog is great for encouraging you to get those walking shoes on and enjoy the fresh air. A Michigan State study showed that people with dogs get better quality exercise when they take their dogs with them.

  • Dogs can improve your health. Dogs have been shown to reduce stress levels, decrease blood pressure, and children exposed to dogs from an early age are less likely to develop allergies. Older people with dogs see their doctors less due to health problems, and having a dog is also linked to improved memory, slowed cognitive decline, and improved symptoms for those suffering from dementia.

  • Dogs are great for team building and teaching responsibility in a family unit. Dividing up the responsibilities related to caring for a dog and working together is a great trust and relationship builder (if everyone pulls their weight, of course) whether you’re a small family of two or a family of four or more.

  • You will never be lonely. Your dog will always be there offering silent companionship. If you feel like you need to be around other people, your dog can be an instant conversation starter. If you’re in the dating scene, having a dog makes you more attractive to others.

  • You can’t help but laugh at their antics. Sure they got in the bathroom trash, but the toilet paper stuck to their foot will make you crack a smile. In fact, studies show that people with pets laugh more often than people without pets!

  • They will love you when you’re at your worst. When you feel ugly and unlovable, your dog will look at you like you’re the brightest star in the sky… because to them you are. Having a dog will also help you have fewer of those days. Studies show that dogs can help decrease depression and improve overall mental health.

  • Dogs can help you build or find a community of like-minded people. Whether you’ve got a purebred Doodle or an adorable rescue mutt, you can find people in your area that have the same. You can schedule pack walks, play dates, or meetups for your dogs. These are great ways to meet new people, socialize your dog, and cuddle up with some other dogs! It’s a win-win-win all around!

happy dog owners with dog benefits of having a dog

  • They’re there for you after a rough day, and they know that what you need is their head resting on your lap. Dogs can sense when you’re not feeling well, and their instinct is to offer you comfort. The comfort they offer is why dogs make for excellent therapy animals who can help people cope with intense grief or trauma.

  • Dogs can help improve your sleep! If you have a sleep disorder like insomnia or recurring nightmares, having a dog can improve your quality of sleep. This may have to do with the fact that dogs also help us better manage our stress and anxiety.

  • They offer you unconditional love. You never have to put on a persona or be anything other than yourself. Your dog thinks you’re perfect just the way you are.

  • A dog can actually increase your productivity. When you’re happy and stress free, you perform better on the job. There’s evidence that having a dog in the office actually helps people perform better at work!

  • A dog will teach you patience. Housetraining, obedience training, leash training, these things take time, and to do them correctly, you need to train yourself as much as your dog. You need to learn how to control your aggravation and your impatience and properly manage your expectations.

  • Dogs help you live longer! All the health benefits you get just from being around your furry friend translate to a longer, better quality life.

  • The bonds we build with our dogs help us learn empathy. This is especially true for children who have a pet at home, but everyone can learn a lesson in kindness from dogs.

  • You will feel love like you’ve never felt before. Once you look into the sweet face of the dog that will be joining your family, you’ll understand why dogs are woman’s best friend… and why we’ve evolved together for thousands of years.

With all of these amazing benefits, plus the chance to make a furry new best friend, it’s totally clear. We all need more dogs in our life!

Dog parents, are there any benefits that we’ve missed or that you want to share? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!


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