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The Best Gifts For Doodle Dog Moms

Do you have a hardworking person in your life who deserves a little recognition? Are you a hard-working person and you want to find a way to treat yourself? You can’t go wrong by showing a dog lover that you know how important her pup is to her.

Get her a gift that doesn’t just tell her you know she loves dogs. Get her something that says you know she’s not just a dog owner. She’s a dog mom. Because if you didn’t already know, there’s a big difference between a regular old dog owner and a dog mom.

Dog moms are devoted to their dogs and plan their lives around them. Dog moms know that their dog is an individual, and they treat them like one of the family because they are part of the family. And sometimes, dog moms are so busy caring for their dogs that they’re guilty of putting their own needs to the side.

If the dog mom in your life has a Doodle, then boy do we have some amazing gift ideas for you! At Dog Friendly Living, we love all dogs, but Doodles hold a special place in our hearts. So come with us as we show you some of the best gifts for Doodle Dog Moms!

8 Fun Gifts For Doodle Dog Moms

Does the dog mom in your life love taking selfies with her Doodle and posting them on Instagram? Is she the type of dog mom who always keeps her pup camera ready because she knows they have star quality (because hey, every Doodle is a star)? Let her know you see her with the adorable, comfy Doodle Momager t-shirt! It’s stretchy for a flattering fit, and we know it will make her day every time she wears it.

Dog Friendly Living Doodle Momager Shirt Doodle dog mom gifts

Warning: Doodle moms will love this shirt, and everyone who sees it will have to agree. The My Doodle Is Cuter Than Your BF t-shirt is only speaking facts. Who needs boys when you have Doodles? With a relaxed fit and cute rainbow design, this shirt is comfy for lounging or for taking your Doodle out around the block to show off.

The Life is Golden cropped sweatshirt is a must for every Doodle mom’s cold-weather wardrobe… especially if she’s the proud mom of a Goldendoodle. Life is great with any Doodle, and she can live life comfortably in this cute cropped sweatshirt. The raw hem gives it a sporty feel, and the relaxed crop fit is perfect for showing off how confident she is. Doodle mom, trendsetter, there’s nothing she can’t do.

The Doods crew neck sweatshirt is great for a special Doodle dog mom (or dad). We love our Doods, and there’s nothing better than being surrounded by oodles of Doodles - unless it’s being surrounded by Doodles while wearing this comfy fleece sweatshirt. It’s pre-shrunk, so you can get it true to size or order up for a more oversized relaxed fit.

Running a little late? Wearing mismatched socks? Something on your shoe? There’s only one answer. The Because Fur Kids t-shirt isn’t an excuse. It’s an explanation. This shirt is soft and comfortable with a clean look and just the right amount of stretch. Wear it with jeans walking the dog or running errands. Throw it on with some dress pants and a blazer for a dressy casual look.

What’s cuter than a Doodle dog? A Doodle dog in a bandana. A dog bandana is a fun gift to combine with any of our t-shirts. Sometimes it’s fun to go out matching your dog… whether it’s for some cute selfies or just for a walk.

The Doods Before Dudes bandana is a gift for her dog that will make her smile because every dog mom loves to see her fur baby acknowledged. This is a great gift for a friend who is going through a break-up or who just needs a reminder that her Dood will always be there for her.

A dog can never have too many bandanas. The Poppies Tropical Daze bandana will add an eye-catching pop of color around her Doodle dog’s neck. You don’t need to wait until spring to sport a fun floral print… and our dogs don’t need to either.

We could all use a little sun and some warm weather right about now. If you’re just looking for a little something to cheer up your dog mom friend or remind someone you care, you can’t go wrong with quirky stickers! The Under the Sea Doodle stickers are bright and cheerful to remind you that there are sunny days ahead. If she’s the journaling type, these stickers can make a fun addition, or if she likes to scrapbook her adventures with her Doodle dog, they can be used for that too.

Dog Friendly Living Training Makes A Great Gift!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a look at the training options we offer. We have private in-home sessions in NYC, and we also offer virtual training! If you’re getting a gift for a first-time Doodle dog mom, it’s not complete without our Puppy Prep Course.

The Puppy Prep Course prepares new dog parents for what lies ahead, like chewing and potty training. They’ll learn what to expect at every stage of dog development and how to appropriately handle the challenges of a growing dog.

By the end, they’ll have a better understanding of how their dog communicates his needs and the best way to respond.

Most importantly, the Puppy Prep Course will help them build an unbreakable bond with their dog by equipping them with the tools they need to train their dog and adapt their lives to a dog-friendly lifestyle.

Doodle dog mom doodle dog mom gifts from Dog Friendly Living

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