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The 5 Most Popular Doodle Dog Breeds

In recent years, Doodles have become super, super popular among dog parents. Of course they have! They’re adorable, they’re known to be fairly low-shedding, and they can make fun, family dogs. There’s just one question.

What is a Doodle anyway?

There are oodles of Doodles, with new varieties appearing all the time. If you’re interested in Doodle dogs but you aren’t certain where to start or which breed might be right for you, we’ve got the 411. We’ll give you a starter course on Doodles and tell you about the 5 most popular Doodle dog breeds.

What’s A Doodle Breed?

Before you run out and find a Doodle, you should know a little about the classification of Doodles. Good breeders are very careful to note the generations of their Doodle litters because it can affect things like their coat type. Knowing Doodle generation classification and what it means will help you on your Doodle search.

A Doodle breed is a combination of any other dog breed with a Poodle.

Let’s get into the interesting science stuff! When they have one Poodle parent and one parent of another breed, this is called a first-generation Doodle or F1. When they have one Poodle and one Doodle parent, this is known as an F1b Doodle. A Doodle with two Doodle parents, who are F1a or F1b, is known as a second-generation or F2 Doodle. Doodles with two F2 parents are F3 or multigenerational (multi-gen).

One of the appealing things about Doodles is that they present with hybrid vigor. This is something that occurs in cross-breeds and mixed breeds which causes them to be less likely to develop breed-related health problems due to genetic differences.

As Doodles get more “doodley” (multigenerational), they tend to lose this quality. Which doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with a multi-gen Doodle! Like any purebred dog, they just have a slightly higher chance of developing problems like hip dysplasia.

When you go out to look for your Doodle, make sure the breeders you interview are open with you about which generation the litters are from. Don’t walk… run from anyone who doesn’t have knowledge on the subject. If they can’t tell you the generation of the parents, introduce you to at least one of the parents, or just seem shady overall, it’s time to say goodbye.

Doodle Breeds

Now let’s get to the fun part! Doodle breeds! As you try to decide on a Doodle breed, remember that it will have qualities of Poodle and whichever breed it was crossed with. Be sure to research traits of both breeds so you know which Doodle breeds have an activity level and personality that suits you and your family.



  • Miniature: 15-35lbs

  • Medium: 40-50 lbs

  • Standard: 50-70lbs

These little sweeties top the list of most popular Doodles. This blend of Poodle and Golden Retriever looks like a stuffed animal. With coats that range from curly to wavy, you can’t resist the urge to cuddle them.

Fortunately, they love it. They have the sweet personality of a Golden Retriever which makes them an excellent family dog. Poodles and Goldens are both known for ease of training, and the Goldendoodle has inherited that trait.

Goldendoodle running in grass 5 most popular doodle dog breeds

Poodles may seem fancy, but they were originally bred to be hunting dogs, waterfowl retrievers in fact, and combined with the active Golden Retriever, this creates a dog that is fairly active. About 30 minutes of active play a day should suit them, and if you’re an outdoorsy person, this is the perfect Doodle breed for you.



  • Miniature: 15-35lbs

  • Medium: 40-50 lbs

  • Standard: 50-90lbs

This Doodle breed is a bundle of high-energy fun. Available in a rainbow variety of coat shades, the Labradoodle is perfect for active, sporty families.

Like the Labrador, they are friendly and eager to please, which blends well with the Poodle’s loyalty. They are intelligent dogs and have inherited the fun and playful nature of both breeds.

Their intelligence means that Labradoodles need to be kept occupied to prevent boredom. They also need plenty of active play. A lack of exercise and mental stimulation can lead to destructive behaviors.

The Labradoodle can be low to non-shedding, but there is an exception as some Labradoodles can have a hair-type coat, which will shed.



  • 5-20lbs

Don’t let the name fool you. Maltipoos can be counted among the Doodle breeds. They are a hybrid of a toy or miniature Poodle with a Maltese. Slightly more stout than a Maltese, the Maltipoo is energetic and friendly and loves to play.

Maltipoos make great apartment dogs, as long as they get plenty of walks. Despite their small stature, they do well in families with children, provided the children are well trained. They are alert dogs but are not reactive and are not crazy barkers.

Maltipoos make great traveling companions. They love attention and want to be around their people as much as possible. They do best in homes where someone is home most of the time.

If you live in a small space and want a dog you can take almost anywhere, a Maltipoo might be the doodle you’re looking for.



  • 20- 90 lbs

The Aussiedoodle is the new kid on the block. Gaining in popularity stateside since they were first introduced in Australia, these cuddly cuties resemble their Australian Shepherd side… just with curly coats.

Aussies are a high-energy, highly intelligent dog breed. Combined with the equally intelligent Poodle, you have a dog that really needs exercise and activity to feel satisfied.

aussiedoodle in grass 5 most popular Doodle dog breeds Dog Friendly Living

Aussiepoos make great family dogs, even though they usually have a favorite person. They are easy-going and friendly, and if you are a high-energy individual, or a young and active family, this may be the perfect Doodle for you.



  • 7- 30lbs

The Havadoodle is a sweet little dog that will never grow out of its puppy cuteness. The Havanese are known for their relaxed temperament and intelligence. Combined with the Poodle, you have a gentle and playful dog that has the energy and temperament to do well in families with kids.

Despite their playfulness, they are not hyperactive, and if you want a small dog without yappiness, the Havadoodle fits the bill.

These little guys are happy to sit in your lap and cuddle and don’t have the exercise requirements of some of the other Doodle breeds.

If you like a low-key lifestyle and prefer a short walk over long hikes, consider the Havadoodle!

Have a Doodle breed favorite of your own? Let us know in the comments!


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