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How To Properly Exercise Your Doodle

There are lots of different varieties of Doodles, and all of them need exercise. Since there are so many Doodles, we’re going to focus on two of the most common Doodle types. The Golden Doodle and the Labradoodle!

These Doodles have the same exercise needs and similar personality traits. They are high-energy Doodles that require oodles of exercise. Their brains need plenty of exercise too. Bored Doodles can wreak havoc on your home. So before you bring your new Doodle home, you should know what to expect when it comes to exercise.

Doodle exercise

We’re talking about how to properly exercise your Doodle. We’ll cover how much exercise they need per day and some fun ideas to keep them active. Let’s get started!

How Much Exercise Does A Doodle Need?

The amount of exercise your Doodle needs strongly depends on their size. Doodles come in 3 sizes: miniature, medium, and standard. Standard Doodles are 50 lbs plus, medium Doodles are around 45 lbs maximum, and minis top out at about 20 lbs.

Take care when exercising a Doodle puppy. Too much exercise at an early age can cause damage to their joints that will impact their development and affect them as adults. Mini and medium doodles can increase the amount of exercise they get in a day more quickly than standard Doodles. It takes the joints on a standard Doodle longer to finish developing.

All puppies should start out at about 10 minutes of exercise twice a day. After that, Doodle experts have it down to a science. The amount of time your Doodle can safely exercise increases by 5 minutes twice a day every month; for minis starting at 3 months, starting at 4 months for medium, and for standards it can increase by 5 minutes at 4 months of age, increase by 5 minutes again by 6 months of age, and monthly after a year. That’s certainly a lot to try to figure out, so asa responsible Doodle owner, make sure to talk to your vet to get their personalized advice.

Doodle dog running how much exercise

By 24 months of age, a standard Doodle is considered an adult and should be getting at least 2 hours of exercise a day. Medium Doodles need about an hour and a half, and minis need about an hour.

Of course, these are all generalizations, so your vet will be your best resource when it comes to figuring this all out!

The Importance of Exercise For Your Doodle

We all know the importance of exercise. Exercise is especially important for high-energy working breeds that were originally bred to have a job. Doodles are a combination of two hunting breeds, so it’s no wonder that even the miniature versions have a lot of energy to run off.

Goldendoodles and Labradoodles have another reason they need to exercise besides a lot of energy. Thanks to the Retriever in their bloodlines, these Doodles are particularly prone to obesity.

Doodles are great family dogs, but they can also get bored and anxious if left alone too long. An exercise routine, especially one that makes them use their instincts and work their brain, keeps anxiety at bay. Sticking to a routine helps your dog order their day and makes them feel more secure.

How To Exercise Your Doodle

You need to be careful about the way you exercise your puppy while her bones and joints are developing. You want to avoid high-impact activities until their skeletal systems are fully formed.

Here are some safe exercises you can do with your Doodle puppy:

  • Walking- As long as you don’t walk too far, walking is a great exercise for a Doodle puppy. Walks don’t need to be boring. Find an easy nature trail and take your puppy out for a sniff walk.

  • A game of fetch- Keep the ball low so your puppy isn’t getting too much impact on her developing bones. Once your dog has reached her full size, you can start going for height.

  • Puppy party- Have a playdate with a puppy of similar age. This doesn’t just give your puppy age-appropriate play, but it will help your puppy learn how to socialize and be a dog.

Doodle with ball toy by the pool

  • Swimming- You don’t need an Olympic-sized pool. An inflatable pool in your yard will cool your puppy off and satisfy the love of water that they get from both sides of their family.

  • Obedience/leash training- Training requires mental and physical effort on your puppy’s part. Starting your puppy training early is a great mental exercise and sets them up to become a well-behaved dog. This isn’t just for puppies; training needs to continue into adulthood and beyond.

Once your Doodle is finished growing, the two of you can explore more fun exercise options:

  • Set up an agility course- You can make it as fancy or as simple as you want. You can use PVC pipe and a board for a ramp, hula hoops, and a wooden frame as a hoop to jump through, yardsticks and laundry baskets to make jumps, all you need is your imagination (and maybe a fun Google search).

  • Hiking- An adult Doodle is ready to go off the easy nature trail and onto some more challenging terrain. Be sure to have water on you since even in the shade your dog can dehydrate.

Doodle playing with ball

  • Work on retrieving- Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are combinations of 2 hunting dogs. Let them exercise by working with their natural instinct to retrieve. This is another brain and body exercise that will work your dog physically while giving them the mental stimulation they need.

  • Biking- If your dog really needs to run off some energy, go for a bike ride! You will need a bicycle leash to free up your hands. Start slowly so you and your dog can get the rhythm down and learn how to work together.

  • Flirt pole- If you’re picturing something that looks like a cat toy, you’re right! This is a sturdier version for dogs. If you’ve ever seen your dog throw one of her toys in the air and chase after it, then this is an activity she’ll love. Tie a soft toy to a pole with a rope and you’re ready to go! Flick the pole to move the toy and encourage your dog to chase it.

You’ve learned about their exercise needs, but do you have more Doodle questions? You can learn more about Doodles here!


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