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The Best Gifts For Your Favorite Dog Mom

Do you have a friend on your list who doesn’t go anywhere without her dog? Does she know every dog-friendly restaurant in town? Is she nonchalant about the hair on her pants and just stocks up on lint rollers? If she mixes up her dog’s name with the names of her human family, she isn’t just a dog owner. She’s a dog mom.

So what do you get a dog mom for a holiday, birthday, or just because she’s awesome? How about more dog stuff! We have the best gift suggestions for the dog moms (and dog foster moms) on your list. You can help them show off and celebrate their devotion to their fur babies with these fun gift ideas.

Dive in and get shopping for gifts for your favorite dog mom!

Gifts For Dog Moms

Dog Mom Apparel

These gifts are for the fashionista dog mom who loves to show off her favorite, favorite thing in the world - her love for dogs! The Dog Friendly Living shop has so many adorable clothing options for all kinds of dog mamas. Check it out!

Every season is the right season for pumpkin spice and adorable dogs. Your fall-loving friend will love the cozy Pumpkin Spice Dood Sweatshirt. This soft, classic crewneck sweatshirt sports our golden doodle design, pumpkins, and fall leaves. This sweatshirt comes in 3 different colors to suit the color palette of your special dog mom. Kick the cuteness factor up by snagging the matching bandana for her fur baby.

Have a Doodle dog mom on your list? This Doods sweatshirt is perfect to throw on for lounging around the house, or for those casual, hair in a pony-tail, no makeup days. This soft, fleecy sweatshirt makes a cute layering piece for taking her pup out for a stroll down the street. It comes in 3 colors perfect for dog moms who prefer a neutral color palette.

Dog Friendly Living Dog Mom Gifts Doodle Mom Doods

For the Insta-baddie Golden Doodle mom who loves to pose with her pup in the latest fashions, there’s the Life’s Golden Crop Sweatshirt. Perfect with leggings or mom-jeans, this shirt’s cute and trendy cut will look adorable when snapping selfies with her fur-baby to post on her Instagram Stories. If she loves the cropped look but doesn’t have a Golden Doodle, the Teacup Doodle shirt offers the same style but is breed neutral.The mauve or dusty blue color options will help brighten up the dark winter days and make her stand out like she deserves to.

For dog moms who don’t need to worry about the cold or who want a t-shirt for layering, there’s this adorable Because Fur Kids T-shirt. It’s perfect for throwing on when she needs to run a quick errand and doesn’t have time for primping. But it’s also great for a date night under a cute jacket for a dressy/casual look. Whether she’s lounging around the house or is out at the dog park, this t-shirt is going to be her new go-to piece.

We certainly have a special place in our heart for Doodle moms! Check out these adorable Doodle-y shirts that any Doodle mom will absolutely love: My Doodle is Cuter Than Your BF T-Shirt and Doodle Momager T-Shirt.

None of these shirts are complete without a bandana for their pup. Whether it's this Doods Before Dudes bandana or the bandana that sends out total Fall Vibes, her pup can be dapper and stylish too! They’ll be perfection walking down the street in their coordinated outfits.

Mugs and Small Gifts For Your Favorite Dog Mom

If you’re just looking for a little something to finish off a larger gift or even something to slip into a card, one of these items will be perfect. These gifts may be small, but they’ll definitely put a huge smile on their recipient's face.

Dog Friendly Living Here For The Fall Vibes Doodle Dog Mom Mug

For the dog mom that needs at least 2 cups of coffee before she can face the world, she’ll love adding a new mug to her collection. The Here For The Fall Vibes Mug will quickly become her new favorite. She’ll enjoy snuggling with her pup while she gets herself ready to face the day. This fun color block mug is dishwasher safe and made to last.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Everybody loves stickers. For a little gift that your dog mom can use to decorate a planner, use on letters, or adorn her reusable water bottle, get the Under The Sea Sticker Pack. These adorable merpups will certainly brighten her day whenever she sees them!

Something Thoughtful

Do you know a brand new dog mom? She’s probably just learning the ropes and isn’t always confident that she’s doing the right thing. Introduce her to Dog Friendly Living! Get her on our app to help her learn about living a dog friendly lifestyle. Through the app she can get training tips and product recommendations.

Does she seem to just need a little more help? We offer virtual and in-person training sessions that will help build her confidence and her bond with her dog. Helping her get familiar with Dog Friendly Living will result in the best gift of all: a deep and lasting connection with her dog.


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