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Do You Suffer From DOOD (Dog Overly Obsessed Disorder)?

Have your friends ever told you that you have a problem? That you don’t talk about anything but your dogs? That you have dogs on the brain? That it seems like most of your personality is dogs? Have you ever wondered if maybe you shouldn’t prefer dogs to some people?

dog obsessed dog play date

You may be suffering from DOOD! Dog Overly Obsessed Disorder (DOOD) afflicts millions of people, and you could be one of them! DOOD is caused by how sweet and loyal dogs are… combined with the way they wag their tails when they see you. DOOD may also be traced to cuteness overload at the dog park, the funny way your dog snores, and the way he tilts his head when he listens. Addicted to booping your dog’s nose? Beware! This is an early sign of DOOD!

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If you think your friends are right and you may be dealing with a serious case of DOOD, first, get new friends. You don’t need that negativity in your life. Next, take this quiz to see, once and for all, if you have the symptoms of DOOD.

DOOD Symptom Checker

  1. You have more than one dog, and you feel like you need one more.

  2. You can remember the name of your neighbor's dog… but not your neighbor.

  3. You greet dogs before you greet their owners… and sometimes you forget to greet the owners.

  4. You remember people by their dogs.

  5. You sing to your dog and put her name in the lyrics.

  6. Your dog has 5 or more nicknames.

  7. When you call your dog over because he’s in trouble, he has a first, middle, and last name. And he actually responds to the use of his full name!

  8. If you see someone walking their dog while you’re driving you yell out “puppy!”

  9. You order your dog a special cake for his birthday.

  10. You have dog treats in your purse, and you aren’t sure how they got there.

  11. You manage to have two-sided conversations with your dog. You have made big decisions this way.

  12. You have considered calling in to work because your dog was in your lap and was comfortable.

  13. And you definitely have called into work because your dog was sick.

  14. When you order your daily coffee, if your dog isn’t with you they know your order well enough to ask “no pup cup today?”

  15. Your dog has custom engraved dishes with their name.

  16. Your dog has a bed in every room of your house… except your room because she sleeps in bed with you, of course.

  17. Every time you go to the store you buy your dog a toy, and you can never go into the pet supply store “just to see what they have”.

  18. You own something, anything, with paw prints printed on it.

  19. You buy clothes to compliment your dog’s coloring.

  20. You have a lint roller for your house, your purse, and your car.

  21. Your dogs are your babies, and you will fight anyone who says otherwise.

  22. You've canceled plans just so you could hang out with your dog.

  23. When talking to your parents, you refer to your dog as their granddog.

  24. You won’t date anyone your dog doesn’t like.

  25. You have second thoughts about anyone who forgets your dog’s name.

  26. If you take a vacation, you take your dog.

  27. Your dog eats better than you do.

  28. You have a “My Dog Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student” bumper sticker.

  29. Your favorite accessories are dog related.

  30. You don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.

  31. You ordered yourself socks with your dog's face on them.

  32. You include your dog's “signature” on holiday and birthday cards.

  33. You have more than one “Dog Mom” t-shirt. (Bonus points if you have more than one from the Dog Friendly Living shop!)

  34. Your smartphone wallpaper image is your dog.

  35. You let your dog give you kisses even though you know exactly where she’s been with that mouth.

  36. You and your dog have worn matching Halloween costumes.

  37. You warn people not to wear black to your house.

  38. You bought a bigger bed so your dog would have more room.

  39. When looking for a new place, you brought your dog along to see if they liked it.

  40. Your dog likes one spot on the couch, and you don’t let people sit there.

  41. You keep backups of your dog’s favorite toy.

  42. Most of the baking you do is treats for your dog.

  43. You have a food dehydrator just to make homemade dog jerky treats.

  44. You only cry during movies if the dog gets hurt.

  45. You’ve bought dish towels or other decor items because they had a dog on them that looks like yours.

How’d you fare? Well, guess what? If you have two or more of these symptoms, you’re definitely suffering from a case of DOOD!

dog mom dog obsessed dog friendly living

There is no cure for DOOD but it can be treated. Treatments for DOOD include:

  • Snuggling with your dog

  • Taking your dog for a walk

  • Petting every dog you see (with permission, of course)

  • Taking tons of cute pictures of your dog

  • Meetups with other DOOD sufferers and their dogs

But don’t panic just yet! Turns out, if you have DOOD, you are likely to live a healthier lifestyle. Plus, DOOD-affected people actually have decreased stress levels and lower blood pressure. DOOD sufferers are afflicted with constant companionship and someone to talk to… all leading to a better quality of life.

If you or someone you know suffers from DOOD, you should immediately schedule a doggie hangout to properly socialize your dogs. Follow this up with lunch at a dog friendly restaurant. Having a strong support network is very important. No one understands what it is like to have DOOD like another DOOD sufferer.

Dog obsessed dog friendlyliving

You can find a community of fellow DOODs right here at Dog Friendly Living! If you have DOOD, join our community, and follow our Instagram so you can connect with other DOODs!

Do you have any symptoms of DOOD that we didn’t mention? Comment with them below! We’re here to support you!


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