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All-Inclusive Training For New York and New Jersey Dogs

If you’re trying to live a dog friendly lifestyle, then you know how important training is. Training helps your dog understand your expectations and boundaries. It keeps them safe in new situations, and it strengthens the human/animal bond.

Dog Friendly Living Signature Dog Training Program husky training in New York New Jersey

Good training teaches more than just “sit” and “stay” and handing out treats. Good training is about your behaviors too. That’s why we offer our Signature Training Program. Our all-inclusive training program starts before you even bring your dog home. Interested? Keep reading to learn more!

The Dog Friendly Living Signature Program

The signature program is a 6-week+ program that not only teaches your dog basic obedience skills but helps train them to apply them in real-life settings. You will be learning right along with your dog and will have access to helpful video resources. You and your dog will meet with us for 5 in-person training sessions to gauge their progress and help tweak any behaviors that need help. Along the way, you’ll have the ability to text or email us with any questions you might have.

We’ve provided an outline of our training program so you can see what you can expect week by week!

Getting Started

Our program is great for every dog parent but is especially perfect for new ones. Our courses start with a pre-program, where you will learn what you need before beginning training, how to set up your client portal, and contact information if you have any questions.

The first few days after you bring your dog home are some of the most difficult, so our course teaches you what to expect. You can bring your dog home armed with information about crate training, potty training, and a list of resources you can refer to.

Week 1

The first part of our training program focuses on training you! Your first week focuses on the basics. We’ll start with the foundational knowledge you need to correctly train your dog. We’ll teach you all about how your dog learns, how to understand your dog’s body language, and how to use training tools like a clicker word.

Dog Friendly Living Signature Dog Training Program two doodles dog training

You’ll learn all about Dog Friendly Living’s 5 Golden Rules. Keep it positive, redirect, reinforce, say it once, and have fun! These are the rules we follow to make training stress-free for both you and your dog. We’ll teach you why we find these rules so important, and we’ll go into depth about why they’re effective.

In your first week, we will start teaching your dog basic manners. Your dog will start learning “sit’, "down", and "touch". You’ll learn how to redirect behaviors like nipping and how to make sure your dog only chews on approved items.

Week 2

Good training can’t be rushed, so in your second week, you and your dog will start to build off of the skills you’ve already learned. You will start working on impulse control with your dog and expand on basic obedience.

Week 2 is where you start learning how to apply the skills your dog is learning to real life. We will also check in to make sure your dog is adjusting well. We can help you address any issues that are starting to occur and work with you to nip them in the bud.

Week 3

This is the week when your dog will really learn impulse control and how to refocus and relax. It might sound crazy, but this week we’re introducing your dog to Puppy Yoga.

dog doing puppy yoga dog friendly living

Our Puppy Yoga builds off of the skills your dog learned in the first two weeks and uses them to help your dog desensitize. Your dog will learn how to ignore sounds and smells that usually act as triggers and how to not always be on high alert.

Week 4

By week 4, your dog should be starting to master at least a few of the skills you have been working on. If they have, then this week you’ll begin working on developing these skills for the real world.

We’ll start working on using manners in public through appropriate (non-jumpy) greetings and loose leash walking. To help your dog succeed, loose leash walking will start inside where there are fewer distractions.

loose leash walking signature dog training program Dog Friendly Living New York New Jersey

You will start learning the things that trigger your dog. You will learn how to encourage your dog to respond correctly to different stimuli and how to recognize when your dog’s focus needs to be shifted.

Week 5+

Now is when you put your dog’s new skills to the test. Loose leash walking and even Puppy Yoga can move outside. We’ll teach you how to problem-solve any issues that may arise and give you the tools to keep making progress on your dog’s training.

Of course, some dogs aren’t quite ready and may still have some areas to work on. That’s normal! Every dog is different and learns at a different pace… especially if you have an older dog who has never been exposed to any kind of training. We’ll continue to work on those areas that need some help and keep working with you to help you feel more confident as you work with your dog.

Consistency is key to learning anything, and if you stick with it, you are well on your way to living your best life with a well-adjusted and happy dog by your side.

As a reference, here is a quick overview of the Signature Program:



    • Expectations

    • How to prepare for sessions

    • Portal information


    • Product Recommendations

    • Discount Codes

    • Dog Friendly Guide


    • Socialization How-To + Checklist

    • Fulfilling Your Dogs Daily Needs (Mental + Physical Stimulation / Enrichment)

    • Reinforcements Guide

    • ​​Setting Boundaries


    • Crate Training Handout

    • Potty Training Handout

    • Schedule Templates

Module 1


    • How Dogs Learn

    • Intro to Positive Reinforcement

    • Understanding Dog Body Language



    • Redirecting Chewing

    • Managing Puppy Mouthiness / Teething

    • Applying Techniques to Daily Life


    • Sit

    • Down

    • Puppy Push Ups

    • Name Recognition / Recall

    • Touch

Module 2


    • Skill Improvement Exercises

    • Impulse Control


    • Go To Crate

    • Wait

    • Leave It

    • Go to Bed / Place


    • Difference Between Wait & Stay (How and When to Use Which)

    • Leave Do's and Don'ts

    • Schedule Check-In

Module 3


    • Levels 1 - 5


    • Understanding Desensitization + Counterconditioning

    • Relaxation Exercises

    • Puppy Yoga Checklist

Module 4


    • Appropriate Greetings

    • Stay

    • Indoor Loose Leash Walking


    • Understanding Triggers + Trigger Stacking

    • Encouraging Good Decision Making

Module 5


    • Outdoor Puppy Yoga

    • Outdoor Loose Leash Walking

    • Custom trouble shooting / problem solving for your specific needs


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