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6 Adorable Squeaky Dog Toys (As Reviewed By Annie & Laika)

Today’s blog features guest writers and Dog Friendly Living resident dogs, Annie and Laika. We’ve asked them to review a few of their favorite squeaky toys from our store, and they were happy to give their opinions!

Before we dive in… let’s introduce these special girls!

Annie Dog Friendly Living dog

Annie, aka Banani, is a fun-loving Doodle. Annie loves sports and is a practitioner of the art of Puppy Dog Eyes. She’s a huge fan of swimming and loves belly rubs. She describes herself as an extrovert who has never met a stranger.

Laika Dog Friendly Living dog

Laika, aka Gordita, aka Mommy’s Chunky Monkey is also a Doodle. She prefers intellectual pursuits to athletics and prides herself on being a dainty lady. She’s a bit of an introvert, but she admits that she can be motivated by food.

Now let’s get into some dog toy reviews… straight from the horse's dog's mouth.

Dog Toy Reviews With Annie & Laika

Laika- “At first, I thought Mom dropped a real toast. But then I bit it and it squeaked at me. I like it when my toys squeak, and this one squeaked really good. It felt nice in my mouth even though it doesn’t taste like real avocado. I liked the way it felt when I chewed it, and I love making it squeak.”

Dog Friendly Living Av-Bark-Cado plush dog toy avocado toast dog toy

Annie- “I like this one, even though Laika kept sneaking off with it. It’s fun to toss around with Mom. She squeaks it and I know it’s play time! Sometimes I throw it up in the air and catch it for fun. It’s not a great outside toy. I don't mind that it gets muddy, that adds flavor, but mom tosses it in the wash anyway. I sometimes use it as my exercise warm-up to show mom that I really need to go outside and play!”

Annie- “I tried to eat a cactus outside once. It poked me in the mouth. This cactus doesn’t poke me. I can play with this one as much as I want and I don’t hear the ‘leave it’ command. It has a heckin’ good squeak, and I like to carry it around by the flower on top. Plus, the green part is really satisfying to chew because it’s nice and thick.”

Laika- “I never chewed on an outside cactus. That’s silly. I like this one though. It’s squishy, and I like to hold it between my paws while I bite on it and make it squeak. I like the face on it because it’s always happy, and that makes me happy too.”

Laika- “I don’t like sports, but I like puzzles, and this toy makes me think. I could lay on the rug all day and try to find the little flowers inside of it. Sometimes after I’ve found them all, I like to just sit and chew on the flowers while I think. What do I think about? Food mostly.”

Annie- “I love getting into things! I can dig around in the watering can toy… without having to be sneaky. When I pull the flowers out, I can chew on them as much as I want. Being sneaky can be fun, but it’s really hard work, and this toy lets me feel like I’m getting into something and rustling around… without worrying about getting caught.”

Annie- “Omg, Omg, Omg, I love this toy. It doesn't just squeak. It HAS CRINKLES. I love making the leaves crinkle, and sometimes I get the crinkles and the squeaker going AT THE SAME TIME! It’s the best ever! I can grab it by a leaf and just shake it back and forth, and I can toss it, and then I can pounce on it! Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!”

Laika- “This toy helps me relax. The crinkles are so soothing. I could just chew on it forever and listen to the crinkles. I like to squeak it every once in a while… just to remind everyone that I’m still in the living room. I guess you could say I chew it when I need “me” time.”

Laika- “I really like food and things that look like food. That’s probably why I like this toy. The fries have a different feel than the box, and I like that. Sometimes I hide it so Annie can’t find it. Then I pull it out so I can have it without her bugging me. I love fries… even squeaky ones.”

Annie- “I didn’t know she was hiding it on purpose! That’s fine, next time I get it, I’m going to squeak it in front of her as hard as I can. It has a great squeaker, nice and loud. If it weren’t so sturdy, I might even try to chew it out.”

Annie- “This looks just like the things mom sometimes gets and won’t let us eat. That’s okay because this one is bigger. It might not have real frosting, but it still has a satisfying squeak, and it lasts way longer than the people ones. Also it doesn’t make my tummy feel bad when I chew it.”

Dog Friendly Living Pink Cupcake plush dog toy cupcake dog toy

Laika- “When I play with this toy, I like to pretend I’m at the fancy dog bakery Mom took us to once. I bet really fancy dogs have that sort of treat all the time. I guess that makes me a fancy dog since I have one that lasts forever and it has a squeaker too.”

Wow! Special thanks to Annie and Laika for offering us their honest reviews today. They are both very good girls. So of course, they were rewarded for their interview with tons of treats, toys, and belly rubs.

To see the toys they reviewed, and the rest of our toy selection, hop on over to our Shop.

We know that your pup certainly wants to give their two cents too! And be sure to let us know in the comments what your dog thinks of their new toy!


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