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17 Unique Things To Do With Your Dog

It’s so easy to fall into a rut. We get so used to the same routine, day after day, that even walking a different route seems like a wild adventure. Does your dog seem like they’re dragging a little bit lately? If you’re feeling a little meh, and your dog seems to be too, maybe it’s time to try something new.

You don’t have to run out into the mountains to shake things up, and spending time with your dog doesn’t all have to be walks in the same neighborhood or fetch in the park (even though that’s fun, too). You can get creative with short trips, a fun new activity, and even new games at home!

If you need some inspiration to try something completely new, we have some ideas right here. Keep on reading to spark your imagination, and have some fun with your dog.

17 Unique Activities To Do With Your Dog

1. Do you enjoy yoga but haven’t made it to a class lately? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new fitness experience to try with your dog. Try Doga! You don’t have to pay to go to a class. You can practice Doga in the privacy of your own home. Doga is a great exercise to do with your dog.

2. Host a little scavenger hunt! If your dog is a sniffer, this is a great game for them. Have them smell a treat in your hand, then hide one, and tell them “find the treat!” Start in an easy place, then move it somewhere more difficult and guide them as they sniff. Soon they’ll be able to sniff it out for themselves! As your dog gets the hang of it and advances their skills, hide the treats in boxes or toilet paper tubes, so your dog will have to work extra hard to get them.

3. If you and your dog like the outdoor life, and you live near a river or lake, take a kayak ride! Paddle down the river with your adventure buddy, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Make sure that your pup is comfortable with boats, and make sure to put them in a doggy life jacket, even if your dog knows how to swim.

dog on kayak unique dog friendly activity

4. Speaking of peace and quiet on the water, try paddleboarding! This dog friendly activity works best with calmer dogs. Your dog can sit and relax while you work on your balance and your upper body strength.

5. Look for a dog friendly restaurant in your area and go on a dinner date with your pup. Dog friendly restaurants are popping up everywhere, allowing dogs on their patios and some even allow dogs inside and have a special dog menu. If there are no dog friendly restaurants in your area, order dinner to go, get your dog a plain chicken breast or pack their favorite food, and enjoy an early dinner al-fresco in a local park.

6. Get out your camera and do a photoshoot with your dog! If your dog doesn’t mind a funny hat or boa, dress them up! Not a fan of dress up? No problem! Take them outside, throw a ball and get some action shots, or take some outdoor selfies of the two of you.

7. Get a kid’s pool and have a pool day. Fill it with water, and let your dog splash around. If you have a yard with sprinklers, you can even turn on your sprinklers to create your very own dog water park.

8. Have an ice cream night. Get your favorite flavor, and buy your pup a Frosty Paws pup cup, and enjoy a quiet evening in.

9. Go on a “sniff walk”. Take your dog out for a walk, but instead of focusing on your step count, just let your dog sniff and enjoy the new smells. This activity allows your dog to experience their environment the way they were designed to, nose-first.

10. You can purchase or DIY enrichment toys for your dog. Enrichment toys are like puzzles for dogs; you put their favorite treat inside, and they need to figure out how to get it out. Get yourself a jigsaw puzzle or logic puzzle and your favorite snacks, and voila! You and your dog can enjoy a game night together!

11. Take a weekend getaway with your dog. Find a cabin or a dog friendly Airbnb in an area known for its outdoor activities, and enjoy a weekend of hiking and outdoor activities with your dog.

12. Lookup dog friendly recipes online, and have a baking day with your dog. There are hundreds of recipes online for treats that have only safe, dog friendly ingredients like pumpkin and peanut butter. Your dog can’t help you mix things, but they certainly can lick the bowl.

13. Have some backyard fun by blowing bubbles for your dog to chase. Don’t worry! Your dog won’t get a mouthful of soap. There are bacon-flavored bubbles made just for dogs. This would be a great time to get out the camera and get some pictures for posterity.

14. Let your dog feel like an athlete with their very own agility course. This will help keep your dog active and stimulate their brain as well as their muscles. You can find agility equipment online, or DIY your own.

15. If you have an active, fit dog, and you both enjoy a little competition, sign up for a 5k with your pup! There are dog friendly 5k’s across the country, and depending on the fitness level of you and your pup, you can either run with them or walk.

16. If the weather is warm, see if any of the local pools in your area have dog swim day. These are days when the public pool is allowed to go to the dogs. This is best if you know your dog can swim and is generally well-behaved around other dogs.

dog swimming with toy in pool unique dog friendly activity

17. Call up a dog-loving friend, and meet up at the winery with your pups. Many wineries allow dogs to accompany their humans on the patio. Just being near you will make it a great day for your dog.

What do you think? Are you inspired? If you do one of these dog friendly activities, be sure to let us know in the comments!


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