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11 Must-Have Items For A Dog Friendly Home

If you’re a pet parent, you might have decided you needed to give up aesthetics in the name of function. After all, even the best dog sometimes has an accident or puts muddy paws on the couch.

At Dog Friendly Living, we’ve got a different way of thinking. Our philosophy is that you and your dog can function harmoniously, and you can still decorate the way you want while maintaining a dog friendly household. Gone are the days of really ugly, cheesy dog products around the house. Choose stylish home decor, grab some modern dog toys, and load up on trendy walking essentials, and you and your dog will be the talk of the town… guaranteed! Dog Friendly Living is here to help!

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We’ve put together 11 items that we believe are must-haves in a dog friendly home. From practical items to things that are a little more frivolous, we think you’ll agree that these items are essential.

Must-Have Items For Your Dog Friendly Home

1) Bissell Spot Clean Pet Pro- Pets and stains go hand in hand, but you don’t have to live with stains on your rugs. The Bissell Spot Clean Pet Pro is a small portable carpet cleaner you can use to spot treat any accidental spotting that appears on your furniture or floor. It’s lightweight and easily stored away so it’s great for small spaces. You can keep your upholstery fresh without lugging around a huge carpet cleaner. Perfect for pet accidents and messy guests!

2) Buddeez Pet Food Storage Container- If you’re trying to create an Insta-worthy pantry, and the dog food bag is throwing it off, there’s a solution for that! The Buddeez container holds 8 quarts of dry food and fits easily into your pantry. You can pour or scoop using the scoop that’s included. This container will blend seamlessly into your organized pantry without interrupting the flow.

washable rug for dog friendly home

3) Washable Rugs- Washable rugs are game changers. If you’ve been wanting a stylish rug, but you haven’t wanted to invest the money in something that is going to get covered in hair, then these are great investment pieces. Available from brands like Ruggable and Safavieh, these rugs are machine washable, so they stay fresh and are easily cleaned. There are hundreds of patterns in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect rug for every room.

4) Cedarcide Odor Eliminating Spray- Every dog owner has the secret fear that their house has a suspicious odor that they’ve gone nose-blind to. This eco-friendly house spray will eliminate that worry. Use it on your pet’s bedding, on any blankets your dogs like to sit on, or just spray it throughout your home. Your guests will be greeted by the smell of lavender essential oil, and your home will feel relaxing and fresh.

5) Zinus Easy Pet Stairs- If you have an older dog, a small dog, or a dog with back problems, and you enjoy your snuggle time, make it easier for them. These stairs will allow your dog to easily get in and out of your bed. They have a washable cover, a non-slip bottom, are soft in case your dog takes a tumble, and are a neutral shade that will blend into any decor. You can keep the steps tidy in between washing with a quick vacuum.

6) Kuranda Dog Beds- Treat your pup to one of the best dog beds on the market. The Kuranda bed is chew-proof and provides comfortable support for your dog’s joints. It comes in 5 sizes, so you can get the perfect size for most dogs; and it comes in a variety of colors. Kuranda beds are lightweight and easy to clean; you can easily move them around the house and keep them looking new.

7) Furbo Pet Camera- We’re always curious about what our dogs get up to during the day. The Furbo Pet Camera gives you a chance to see their shenanigans and even toss them a tasty treat! This camera has a sensor to notify you when your dog is barking, so you can always be aware of what your little angel is up to while you’re gone.

hot spot spray for dogs

8) Bitter Apple No Chew Spray- If you have a chewer in your house, there’s nothing like the tried and true Bitter Apple Spray. A few squirts of this less-than-tasty spray will convince your dog to keep her teeth off your furniture. Bitter Apple Spray does double duty. You can also spray it on your dog to keep them from nibbling on hot spots, scrapes, and scratches.

9) Petcords Dog and Cat Cord Protector- Nothing creates visual clutter like loose cords flopping around. They also seem to be incredibly tempting targets for chewing for some dogs. The Petcords cord protector keeps your cords from getting in a tangle and keeps your dog from chewing on loose cords. The clear protectors will blend seamlessly into the background and can easily be run along your baseboards or wall.

10) Midwest Dog Crate Cover- If your dog is crate trained and wants a little privacy, and if you’d like an attractive way to conceal the crate, take a look at this cover. The crate cover is machine washable, so when it starts to smell a little doggy, you can toss it in the wash. It’s stain resistant and will stay looking nice for you while making your dog feel secure in her safe spot.

baby gate for dog friendly home

11) Regalo Walk Through Baby Gate- This is perfect if you have a new puppy, a dog that is working on boundaries, or if you are trying to create a dog-safe space. It mounts easily in a doorway with suction cups and comes with a 6-inch extension set. No need to worry about stepping over, this gate swings open for your convenience. The gate comes in a clean white finish… which will blend well with most decor.

Grab these must-haves to create a safe (but still stylish) dog friendly living space. Have some must-haves of your own? Let us know in the comments about your favorite dog friendly home products!


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